Valentino Haute Couture Collection, Fall-Winter 2014-2015

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The Paris Fashion Week could not do without such a distinguished participant as the fashion house Valentino.

The main element of the show was of course the dress, which the authors dedicated to goddesses, and these immediately identified how delicate a woman must be to put on such a dress.

This time, Maria Grazia Currie and Pierpaolo Picciolo turned for inspiration to the work of past famous artists, and even named the dresses after women who had a direct relevance to the masters. So, one of the dresses was named Elizabeth Siddal. She was the Dante Gabriel Rossetti artist’s model.

As a base for images, the designers have taken classic and religious concepts – tunics, robes, gladiator sandals, draped fabrics. After a careful processing and modification of modern fashion connoisseurs, these items of clothing got a new life. We have now clothes, illuminating at the same time elegance and sexuality, youth and a mature sight on life.

As regards the style, we get something concise and simple, other models had a more complicated design with many additional darts and folds.

Prints in the style of intarsia or made ​​of tapestry with drawings of the XVII century, blended ideally with the general atmosphere of the show.

A special position in the collection took translucent dresses decorated with embroidery, lace and other small items of decoration. And for those who are not ready for revealing outfits, fashion designers created combined dresses, where a large part of the body is hidden behind a thick cloth, while the décolleté area or vent-holes from the hips were slightly covered with transparent fabric.

Valentino Couture

Valentino Couture