Trendy Jeans Fall-Winter 2015-2016

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For some time, jeans have become a customary element of any casual or grunge look. In addition, because the current fashion has become more loyal, jeans can be used even on business occasions. In order for this garment to be not only comfortable, but also a stylish element, we need to know in advance what the fashion trends are. For this reason, today we want to see what patterns, types, colors and other parameters characterize the fashionable womens jeans for fall-winter 2015-2016.

Womens jeans 2015 2016 fall winter


The fashionable colors are not the classic blue anymore. Starting from today, every lady can choose the color that wants only her. For example, in the new autumn-winter, in fashion will be almost all shades of blue, brown, green, white, beige as well as black, as demonstrated by 6397, Levi’s, Comptoir des Cotonniers and other brands.

Womens jeans Fall-Winter 2015 2016 colors

What jeans are in style 2015

Womens jeans 2016

Conic fall


Vivsim, Alexander Wang, Vanessa, Seward, 6397 and many other designers consider that best are the classic jeans. This is what the majority if fashionistas think as well. Such patterns are extremely universal because can be worn at a walk, at work and even at other festive events. Moreover, the classic fit is appropriate to almost every women, this being the reason why they are extremely popular.

Classic jeans Fall-Winter 2015 2016

classic winter 2016

branded classic

classic skinny

winter high waist

Ripped, destroyed and torn

The famous grunge style was reflected also in fashionable clothing. This is especially noticeable in women’s jeans for autumn-winter 2015-2016. Do you want to be a fashionable? Purchase any model that can be put in the category of “negligent”. Here we include torn jeans with abrasions. It is remarkable that until recently, these designs were immediately liquidated, ie thrown. Nowadays, the cuts and abrasions are the fashion rage. So if by chance you have ripped or frayed your denim pants, do not worry. Dress them boldly and step up the streets – at the moment, fashion not only allows that, but highly recommends it!

women’s ripped jeans fall winter 2015 2016

conic cut fashion

skinny torn style

skinny boyfriend jeans

ripped torn

Jeans with placket 2015-2016

Exactly, with placket, jeans can also have them, not only skirts. In this case we are talking about small plackets at the bottom of the pants, probably created so that fashionistas could have the possibility to show the beauty of their boots.

with placket Fall-Winter 2015 2016

Cuffed jeans

Known under the name of “boyfriend”, these are again on top of fashion preferences. That means you can take your boyfriend’s jeans, cuff their bottoms and adjust the waist line with the help of a men’s belt. And in case if your partner will not like the idea much, don’t worry. Boyfriend jeans can be found in any clothing store, like for example Paul and Joe, Red Valentino, 6397, Levi’s.

Cuffed jeans fall 2015 winter 2016

What kind of jeans should we wear in 2016

loose fit women cuffed

Boyfriend jeans for women

branded boyfriend

Flare jeans

Designers haven’t forgotten about such designs as well. Although the fashion shows aren’t presenting as many of such designs as the boyfriend jeans, flared types have the right to be considered in fashion either.

Flare jeans Fall-Winter 2015 2016

Skinny jeans

Tight, tapered or skinny jeans again conquered the fashion world. Such patterns are no longer a rarity in collections from Iseberg, Banana Republic, Levi’s. They perfectly fit women with long and elegant feet, which will be taken into account by those ladies who have certain imperfections in those areas of the body.

Skinny Fall-Winter 2015 2016

women’s trendy medium waist skinny


As practice shows, the midi length will be extremely popular in the new cold season. Considering this, the designers have decided to shorten the length of jeans. Certainly, brands aren’t recommending us to wear in capri jeans in the fall-winter season, but little shortened designs will enjoy an enormous popularity.

Womens shortened jeans Fall-Winter 2015 2016

midi conic boyfriend

Suspenders and elastic

The elastic and straps are another cold trend that will enjoy those fashionistas who are accustomed to wear more practical clothes. With the help of the elastic, you can quickly adjust the volume of the waist. Suspenders are used not only as decoration, since they fit very well in grunge style outfits.

Jeans with suspenders and elastic Fall-Winter 2015 2016


And obviously we will tell you something about decor that could not miss any fashion show. The sequins, stones, and other metal decoration, original inserts of fabrics of different colors and structures, stripes, embroidery, large buttons – these and other decorative elements can certainly be used in casual outfits. As examples can serve the collections from Fausto Puglisi, Marco de Vincenzo, Sonia by Sonia, Rikyel, Acne Studios.

Womens fall winter 2015 2016 decor

flare in fashion 2015 2016

Women elegant jeans

This has proven to be the “denim” fashion for fall-winter 2015-2016. Ladies, who just love this clothing item, can enjoy the wide range jeans designs offered by famous designers, from classic cut jeans to modern grunge style.