Trendy hairstyles for men Fall 2014 Winter 2015

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A beautiful and clean suit is still not 100% of success rate. For a complete triumph it remains to determine the form of the haircut and a clean-shaven face.

Speaking of bristles, in the autumn-winter season 2014-2015 stylists recommend to go away from light unshaven and return to the state of “perfect smooth skin.” But today we are not talking about that, on the agenda are trendy men’s haircuts.

As we know, hairstyles can make a man look like a real prince, the main thing is to find “your” master and determine the form of haircuts that suits you.

Gone are the days when men spent more than 15 minutes on a hike in the saloon, and went out from there “sheared with clippers”. Today, men’s haircut is a real art, to which each master pay much attention, develop and improve.


Trends are changing from season to season and the desire to stay stylish remains, that is why men’s hairstyle must first of all correspond with the lifestyle and harmoniously match the inner world of its owner. Agree, it’s weird having a ponytail when you are a bank collaborator meanwhile a classic haircut definitively is not suitable for a biker. So let’s make things clear.

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The fall-winter season continues the fashion on the voluminous men’s haircuts, so the “hottest” trend of the past few seasons “Undercut” is still with us. This hairstyle is characterized by the following moments – shaved temporal and occipital part, the main emphasis being on the bangs. It may be, of average length, and elongated or even collected in a ponytail in the back of the head. The bang starts at the top of the head and crossing the top of the head, ends at the frontal part.


This hairstyle can be arranged in several ways, for example on one side, in the back or smoothly combed using wax. If you want something daring, you can tousle the hair obtaining a bully style haircut.

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Haircut “By Fritz”

Those who are tired of previous haircuts, stylists recommend paying attention to the haircut “by Fritz”. These 2 are very similar that is why you will not experience a shock and you will be ready for changes.



This haircut has a number of features similar to the undercut hairstyle. Bangs can be placed on one side or back towards the back of the head.

Another feature of this hairstyle is the accuracy and precision in styling.

Haircut “Canada’s”

Another fashion trend of the fall-winter 2014-2015 season is the haircut “Canada’s”. Its main accent is also the bang but this time there are no clear lines.



Styling this haircut can be easily done without any other additional efforts and it is perfect for soft and curly hair.

As we can see, in fall-winter 2014-2015 season, stylists recommend pay a special attention to the length and band styling. Now with the help of styling products you can be different every day. Long hair on the frontal part of the head allows you to experiment and create different looks.