Trendy gloves Fall 2014

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Gloves from Fall 2014 collections or how to fashionable keep your adorable hands warm


Sometimes, to add to the image refinement and grace, it’s enough to diversify it with just one piece, and these can become a pair of stylish gloves. This accessory can easily cope with the role of “highlights” and always helps to emphasize the delicate taste of the owner. If you belong to the category of people loving gestures during an interview, the stylish gloves are what you need. They definitively will attract the attention of the interlocutor and enhance the effect of your spoken words.


Trendy gloves in Fall 2014 look quite familiar, although here designers applied additional decorations. But first let’s understand the shape and length of the article, as this is an important factor in choosing this accessory.


Long gloves — MUST HAVE of the season

In the autumn of 2014 long gloves did not leave the peak of popularity. They can be made of matte or lacquered leather, suede or velvet. Also are trendy models of mixed types of fabrics or knitted fabrics, with additional accents in the form of stripes or cutouts of various shapes and sizes.

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Loose leather gloves

In fashion are not only bulky items, but also accessories. Designers have showed on catwalks their love for gloves resembling a work uniform not only for one season. However, there is one big difference – the material. Hardly anyone would dare suggest builders to wear gloves made ​​of genuine suede, leather and decorated with rhinestones.


Short gloves

This style is unlikely to save you from the cold, because the shortened model of gloves covers only the fingers, but definitively you’ll be in trend if your short gloves are transparent or have additional cutouts and open toes.

Gloves 2014


Fall 2014 collections did not get along without such trendy accessory as muffs. Several designers have proposed to combine it with a leather jacket. Agree it turns out a great combination because fur and leather has been long on the podium and became friends from one season to another.


Fingerless gloves

Fingerless models of gloves are found in the collections of many designers. The length of articles can be both to the elbow, and barely cover the hand. Such models are often decorated with additional elements or same cutouts of various shapes.

Gloves Fall

Trendy gloves

Gloves with additional décor

Designers are increasingly trying to supplement known to us products with any additional detail. As such, these can be colored stones, ruffles, flounces, pins and bracelets, as well as insertions made of different materials.

Trendy colors of gloves

The color range of gloves for Fall 2014 is not much different from the fashion trends in clothing: dark deep shades of blue, green, burgundy are highly relevant. Those who choose models of coats in softer shades must combine them with fashionable gloves in pastel colors or wear classic black gloves if the casual outfit is a classics dark medium-length coat. Another feature of autumn fashion gloves is a combination of contrasting colors, for example the inside of the palm can be green and the exterior orange. It is also possible to use prints and decor, repetitive elements in clothing, like for example in Dolce & Gabbana.

Don’t overreact with details. Good pair of gloves in the cold autumn season are as necessary as a good pair of leather boots. Do not neglect the details. And if you are hesitant to experiment with shoes or clothes, then at least in the choice of accessories let your imagination run wild and pick up a bright colour of the model or suede gloves decorated with coloured stones, which in the ensemble with a bag from the same collection, will make your outfit look truly royal.