Trendy colors Spring-Summer 2015: New York Fashion Week

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Colors Spring-Summer 2015

Trendy colors Spring-Summer 2015

When starting working on a new project, designers usually prefer to select a color, because the mood of the collection depends on what shades will be dominant. So black and white creations will be classified as a classic, red outfit will be prescribed to fatal ladies and white to young and tender ladies.

Trendy colors 2015

Today we will speak about what trendy colors designers emphasized for the spring-summer 2015 season within New York Fashion Week.

Blue ice

It looks like each of the designers presenting their work on American Fashion Week included in the collections the cold shade of blue.

Blue ice color 2015 Blue ice color Spring


It does not matter what color will be the most fashionable colors of the season, as white will still be among the favorites. And indeed, how to do without it?

White color 2015

Lemon yellow

Yellow is already at the peak of popularity for two passed seasons, though in a more sunny shade. This time, designers chose the lemon color, which gives juiciness to the outfits.

Lemon yellow color 2015


The red dress is actual in any season, especially if it fits your body type.

Cherry color 2015

Pale pink

Barbie favorite color admirers do not have necessarily to put on extravagant outfits from Jeremy Scott. In the warm 2015 season soft pink creamy shades appear in many other collections, of a much more classical content.

Pale pink color 2015