Trendy clothing in Fall 2014

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Trendy clothing

7  trends that must replenish your Fall wardrobe

Autumn is an unpredictable and capricious time: now it’s sunny, then windy, the rainy or even snowy. And how not to get depressed? It’s very simple! Try to always look smart and important, because, as you know, nothing pleases a woman more than the satisfaction of his own reflection in the mirror.

Fall 2014 does not set clear boundaries leaving every fashionista the right to choose the most suitable clothes. Although, looking at the fashion shows that have already been around the world, we can not notice some trends that intersect collections of designers. So today we will highlight the latest fashion trends in clothing for Fall 2014 season.

1st trend: Dress with deep neckline and slit

It would seem that autumn is not an appropriate moment to show the beauties of the figure but designers have found a solution for that. A dress with a low neckline – a hit of Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season. It is true that, why to freeze and bare the feet when you can stop your choice on articles with “interesting” forms of collar and a mid length. Midi-dresses with slits and deep neckline look elegant and festive.




2nd trend: Dress with cut-away shoulders

Maxi, midi or mini dresses of Fall 2014 season are united by one single trend – bare shoulders. Cut-away shoulders and neck look delicately and sexy. Wearing such dress you will definitively feel special, because a particular attention from men is guaranteed.


3rd trend: Articles with geometrical print

Those who simply don’t like monochromatic clothes can adopt the trend of Fall 2014 – geometry. Designers presented in their new collections a variety of fabrics with elements of geometric shapes and various stripes.

Trendy 2014

Trendy Fall

4th trend: Articles with animal print

For several consecutive seasons, designers recommend wearing outfits that resemble the skin of animals. And earlier these were noted mostly in outwear and accessories, this time leopard dresses, skirts and blouses is must have for every self-respecting fashionista. The length of products with bright prints should not be garish. Believe me, your long leopard dress will not go unnoticed, and this is exactly the case when the size does not matter. Here, all eyes will be on the color, that is why the shape of the product should be simple, no frills.

Animal print

5th trend: Leather blouse

Over the past few seasons, we already managed to get accustomed to leather because fashion products made of this material are gaining momentum, slowly giving way to other materials. The most fashionable leather articles in Fall 2014 will not be usual pants, shorts and skirts but leather blouses.

Leather blouse

6th trend: Multicolored fur

To keep warm in autumn and winter, designers advice to purchase a fur product or a product decorated with fur. This material has become incredibly fashionable in the last few seasons, and in Fall 2014 promises to be a hit.

Almost every designer has applied this element in his Fall-Winter collection. Fur collar, sleeve, skirt, dress or sweater with elements of this material will rescue from the cold wind and the first autumn frosts. In Fall 2014, purchase fashionable items in unconventional colors. So the fur coat can be red or blue, the fur skirt – green and a bright orange clutch.

Multicolored fur

Multicolored fur

7th trend: Midi-skirtin the style of 50’s

Medium length wide cut skirts are again at the peak of popularity. Such products are often complemented with pockets. Designers recommend combining “fluffy” articles with wide heel footwear (shoes, ankle boots, boots) or with boots in men style, which are also a trend of the Fall-Winter season.

Midi-skirt 50’s

We can talk about season trends long long time but the main thing is to not get lost in them. Today we tried to steer you in the right direction. Our advice is to get inspired by the ideas of famous designers and put a piece of yourself in each created look – then your outfit will be not only fashionable, but also unique.