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The subject of prom dresses was always relevant and that is because the school has not been canceled and after its completion, in the life of every young girl starts the next stage of life. The previous stage of school years would be desirable to complete in the most magnificent way to remember this time all our life. After all, prom is a very important event, it can be compared with the wedding and even childbirth. Therefore, every young girl must select her prom dress with utmost care. The dress can be both long and short. The main thing – never forget that all the advantages of the figure should be emphasized and weaknesses, skillfully and professionally hidden. When choosing any evening dress it is important not to lose individuality and carefully consider every detail. Very important are also accessories, their shape, length and color which are directly dependent on the dress.

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Prom dresses 2014 photo review

Coco Chanel once said “Fashion passes but style remains”. The 2014 fashion trends are set by the most notable designers that offer a certain silhouette, shape and color range. In particular, we should pay attention to the Haute Couture collection, where each model is individual and unique. That is why every girl has her own sense of individuality, which prompts her to be the most beautiful, unique and memorable. We can see on internet many photos with prom dresses that will help you choose the right shade, shape and length of dress. But still, let’s not forget that dresses exposed on fashion week are on models owning a perfect body shape. That means you have to choose the size of the dress without looking on the photo, but taking into account your own body shape and your preferences.



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Short prom dresses

Short dresses are never out of fashion that is why, if you are a owner of corresponding body shapes, that means you can easily purchase or sew an over knee or above knee and never bellow because the length below the knee visually cuts the figure and makes it heavy footed. If you are of a low, the best dresses for you are those above the knee. Short prom dresses 2014 is the right choice for women of low stature, and with a high heel, such length will visually make you much taller. Even overweight graduates can count on a short length the important thing is to choose the right silhouette or to choose a short dress too but with sleeves. Prom dresses with sleeves are a great choice in 2014, because the length of the individual parts of a dress or of a suit with a short length – it is one of the latest fashion trends. If a girl is thin, the perfect dress for her is a short, fluffy prom dress. You can also pay attention to the prom dresses with a train, because this item can not only be the part of a dress to the floor, but for a short dress, too. Do not forget about the fact that graduates have younger sisters, so prom dresses for girls is also a hot topic for discussion.

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Short dresses 2014

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Long prom dresses

Long-length prom dresses are a perfect choice both for low stature girls, and for heavyset and high stature girls. The maximum length can be perfectly combined with an open back, because this model underscores the bending neck and girlish figure. Prom dresses for 2014 it is a magnificent expanse of beauty and color solutions for the most important day at a young age, which is difficult to determine from the first time. This season, very popular prom dresses are those in Greek style, which are very suitable for girls both skinny and overweight. The important thing is to correctly distribute the form of folds along the entire length of the model. If you would like a prom dress for an overweight person, it would be better to choose one in the Greek style, which will allow you to hide many of the defects associated with corpulence. From all the above said we can draw only one conclusion – from year to year, school graduates are taking very seriously the final prom, so the fashion of prom dresses for 2014 is a very debated topic, on which depends the mood and the entire prom. After all, you are welcomed taking into account your intellect and seen off with the knowledge obtained in school.

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