Podium look: John Galliano, Spring-Summer 2014

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This summer you can afford not only an ultrafashionable orange lipstick, but also the shade of a ripe raspberry. Makeup artists who created the makeup for John Galliano Spring-Summer show advice to complete the look exactly with these shades.

John Galliano

You’ve already chosen the berry lip shade that you like and fits you? Then the make-up from John Galliano Spring-Summer 2014 show will be an example for you of how to use the juicy pink lipstick or gloss in your image. As you can see, putting the accent on the lips you will not need to spend a lot of time and effort on the eyes. However, there are some important nuances that you need to pay attention to if you want to recreate this podium makeup.

John Galliano Podium look

Step 1. Working on the skin tone

Wet hair, rested eyes, lips in bold shades – the heroine of John Galliano show  is clearly not sitting within four walls, but enjoys her vacation. And her holiday, it seems only just begun – the golden tan did not replace the pallor of the face yet but we already see it on the cheeks, these are lightly browned and the skin looks fresh and healthy. So, when reproducing the make-up from the show, you need not only to even out the skin tone with a suitable face foundation, hiding the imperfections, if any, with the help of a concealer, but also to use a highlighter, bronzer and a blush.

John Galliano

John Galliano

The cold pink shade of the blush, corresponding to the lipstick color you’re going to use further will revive the complexion.While bronzing products, applied in a small amount and blended carefully on the cheekbones will accentuate them and also will create a healthy tan effect. We encourage you to use a highlighter to add some light to the make up – apply it (in small quantities as well) on the back of the nose, chin, and a small line- on the upper part of the forehead.

John Galliano

Step 2. Highlighting eyebrows and eyes

Paying attention to the eyes and eyebrows, before proceeding to the main accent – it needs to be “balanced”. Take black mascara and lightly highlight both upper and lower lashes. But do not overdo it: the effect of false eyelashes are worthless. The eyelashes should look natural, but noticeable at the same time. Then, using a special pencil or eyeshadow (the color should be in a tone darker than your hair), underline the eyebrows. It would be best if they will be wide (such eyebrows are in fashion already for several seasons), with an expressive curve.

John Galliano

Step 3. Applying lipstick

Choose a matte lipstick in neon pink shade. Before its application, make sure that the skin on your lips is smooth. If this is not the case, please use a sugar scrub for lips. Otherwise, the color will not “lie” smoothly on the lips and will roll down. In addition, such bright lipstick shade requires a clear lip contour. Taking care of all this, you can apply the lipstick -and it is best to do it with a brush so as to distribute it evenly.

John Galliano

To reproduce the entire image from the podium, you can also try the wet hair effect, especially because it is not as difficult to do it as it seems at first glance.

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