Podium look: Dolce&Gabbana, Spring-Summer 2014

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If you are tired of fashionable trends and just want to look beautiful in the classic sense, try the image of the antique goddess from Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer show.


It turns out that not so much is needed in order to look like a divinity from ancient myths. According to Pat McGrath, who is working on the images of Dolce & Gabbana show, only glowing skin, fresh and delicate blush, heartwarming look and sensual pink lips. “Although the images are soft, romantic, angelic, it’s the same Italian Sophia Loren – but this time it is in the Greek theater and outside is sunny and hot” – this way Pat described the heroine from the podium. Dolce and Gabbana has always glorified the beauty of Italians, but now they have decided to bring it closer to the ancient ideal, and Pat helped designers achieving this goal. By the way, you can put yourself the same task. We have prepared you the instructions for its implementation.

Podium look

Step 1. Working on the skin tone and giving it shine

Pay a special attention to the selection of the skin foundation: you will need a cream with the effect of light and natural shine while matte textures are best avoided. To give the impression that you have spent a couple of days under the rays of the sun and your skin managed to get a little tan, you can use a tone darker than your natural skin tone – this technique was used also by Pat on the backstage show. This trick will add the make-up a little warmth. A blush will still be needed. Emphasize with it the cheekbones and then, with the same brush, do the same along the top of the forehead at the hairline and chin. As a final touch in preparing the skin tones, use a highlighter with a pearl shine – apply it in a small amount on the cheekbones (under the blush), as well as on the bone over the mobile eyelid.


Step 2. Creating a delicate eye makeup

In an image, designed to just emphasize the natural beauty, the eye makeup can not be too flashy and bright. But Pat also could not afford its absence and by using light makeup strokes she has transformed girl’s sight into one sweet and charming. She needed eyeshadows in sandy shades with a light, barely noticeable golden glow, and she distributed it over the entire surface of the eyelid, the make-up artist used brown eyeliner to create the wings and a white pencil, to trace a line on the ciliary margin of the lower eyelid – this helped to bring clarity in sight. Brown mascara allowed completing the eye makeup. As a result, Pat obtained a “cat eye” effect, but without its usual coquetry and deliberate seductiveness.


Step 3. Accentuating the eyebrows

Although the images from Dolce & Gabbana are rather ancient ideals, in our time it is hardly possible to achieve excellence in makeup, without paying attention to the eyebrows. Pick an appropriate pencil – it is known that it has to be one tone darker than your hair – and with its help accentuate the eyebrows curve. Do not forget to “comb” the hair with a special brush so that the eyebrows looked neat.


Step 4. Adding color to the lips

In the lips make-up, as in eye make-up, which we have already described, it is important moderation. You’ll need a lipstick in soft pink shades – from a large variety you can choose any suitable lipstick in the color of the applied blush. Apply it on the lips with your fingertips so as to have a not too bright but a gentle, touching, sensual effect.


In order to repeat the entire image from Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer 2014 show, you can also experiment with the hairdo. Slightly curled hair should be braided in a soft braid and then make out of it a low bun, securing it with hairpins. Do not forget to add accessories – flowers, coins, flickering hairpins, which this season are very fashionable.

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