Pastel color blocking in Roland Mouret Collection, Spring 2015

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Spring is the time when everything wakes up from sleep and the soul is asking for bright and warm days. But it happens that the weather is late and then the best way to “call the sun” is to wear bright clothes.

Color blocking


This spring, the heroine of Roland Mouret brand will certainly be stylish, because the designers of the brand have prepared an interesting resort collection. The basis of the show was color blocking – a combination of contrasting colors in one outfit. The true is that designers did not choose traditional harsh shades but soft pastel tones. This add clothes a more office style and allows looking stylish even at the office. Also in the collection are quite common seen combinations of black and white and small polka dots.

Pastel color


If we talk about the style of clothes, there is a clear leadership that belongs to the business style. This the pencil-dress, short pants with arrows, pencil-skirts and asymmetrical blouses.

Roland Mouret 2015

Roland Mouret Spring


The designer acted under the principle of sharp edges and adorned the clothes with various material sharp edges, interesting collars and other additional decorations.

Cut-away shoulders of dresses and blouses are another fashion trend. The author of the Lookbok did not forget also about the open belly, the so loved trend of the last season. Accessories were represented by sharp toe footwear and envelope-clutches.

Fabrics and textures

The collection is mainly executed of the most delicate silk and sateen. They glide on the female body creating a comfortable atmosphere. Such clothes are specially designed to make your spring fresh and light.

If you will have to spend the spring 2015 in the office, pay attention to Roland Mouret Collection because probably this is what you were looking for.