“No makeup make-up”: rules for creating nude make up

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Rules for creating No makeup makeup

On par with bright lips and metallic eyeshadows, the makeup in nude gamma is a hot trend of the last seasons. In fashion industry and beauty, the nude meaning has nothing to do to with nudity in the literal sense but rather the attempt to imitate it. Several years ago, the fashion industry and beauty took a ply on naturalness for which we are saying thank you and here comes a question: is there any other beauty then the female allure.

If you doubt why an “unnoticed” makeup is needed then we would like to remind you that makeup is not only bright blue eyeshadows on eyelids, this is also a beautiful skin and face with sculptured features: accentuated eyes, lips, cheekbones. The make up first of all has to underline your beauties and hide imperfections. The nude makeup creates the impression of absence of any cosmetic product on the face, achieved with the professional use of all possible beige shades: pastel, caramel, skin toned and other variations – and cosmetic products with light textures.

For the creation of a nude makeup you will need: a makeup base, face foundation, powder, corrector, blush, highlighter, beige eyeshadows, mascara, lip balm.

Step 1. Ideal skin tone

Ideal skin tone nude make up

The nude makeup requires an ideally even an beautiful skin tone. Since one of the main focus will be made on it – the result of the creation of the make up should be ideal.

Apply the makeup base on clean skin (for oily skin, we recommend choosing a gel that closes the pores and absorbs the oil accumulated during the day and for normal skin or predisposed to dry, you can use a moisturizing base). The face foundation is applied on top of it. The important thing is that the color of the cream matched the color of the skin and of the neck area.

All uneven skin tone – dark spots, redness are masked using the corrector. Correctors are presented in different cosmetic brands in various forms: liquid, solid, or in the form of a pencil with a special brush. For personal use, in our opinion, it is more convenient to choose a concealer pencil. Squeeze out a little product, apply it on the problem area and lightly shade with the finger.

At this stage, we evened the complexion and hid all the imperfections. Next, proceed to sculpting the face. To do this, take a corrective powder, which is a couple of shades darker than the foundation, but be careful when choosing it – this should not be very different from the color and shade of the face foundation. The correcting powder is necessary for us to highlight the cheekbones and give the face the right shape. The correcting powder is applied with a flat natural brush under the cheekbones. An important clarification – on the face should not form a dark stripe, the powder should create only a slight resemblance of a half shade. After applying, use the same brush to shade the concealer so that the color was not very intense and its borders were not too noticeable. The corrector can be applied also on the wings of the nose to visually make it thinner.

Next, we apply a simple powder. If you choose a thick face foundation, then the powder should have a very light texture and match the shade of the face foundations. With a big fluffy brush we cover the face with a thin layer of powder, because its main purpose is not to mask, but to mattify.

The face correction does not end on darkening the areas under the cheekbones, with the help of a highlighter we need to lighten the central part of the face: the area above the bridge of the nose, under the eyes and nose.

Step 2. Eyes

Eyes nude make up

You can do the makeup in dark browns, beige, sand shades but most importantly is that the eyeshadows does not contain pearl, glitter and other shimmering particles. Choose a matte texture, they will look more natural and less noticeable. Very beautiful and delicate looks the makeup in rosy shades – for this use a soft pink or peach color eyeshadow.

We will choose 2 shades: lighter and little darker. The lighter shade we will apply on the mobile eyelid and on the under eyebrow area, with the darker shade we will accentuate the crease of the upper lid, this will give the eye deepness and expressiveness.

Another option of combination of these shades is to apply the light eyeshadows on the mobile lid from the inner corner to the middle of the eye, and on the other part, to the outer corner of the eye, we apply a darker shade and blend the border between them, in order to create a certain light smoky effect.

In order for the makeup to look natural, we can apply the eyeshadows with the fingers, in tapping motions, as if sponging the eyeshadows into the skin.

The final touch of eye makeup is the mascara. In this make-up option we do not use false eyelashes, bright mascara colors instead we choose the classic black or dark brown mascara that will accentuate the natural beauty of your eyelashes.

Step 3. Lips

Lips nude make up

The final touch is to apply a lip balm, which is important not only for the nude make-up, but for the autumn weather as well: it will protect your lips from the cold and wind, and accentuate their natural beautiful color.

In three steps we can make a “discreet” makeup that will accentuate your natural attractiveness and create in others the feeling that today you woke up already beautiful.