NEXT fashionable school uniform 2014-2015

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School uniform 2015

Schools attempt to return the children to wear a uniform habit not the first year, and we have to admit that this is correct. The institution must look properly and accustom to the order since childhood.

Options of school uniforms with an apron and a brown dress is remembered and loved by many adults, but we must admit that it has long been outdated, and it is very impractical for the winter period. It is important to keep up with the times and to dress the kids so that they feel comfortable.

NEXT 2015

Designers from the NEXT brand created school uniforms for all grades pupils (from the first grade to graduates).

The collection for girls mainly consists of items in preppy style. These are accurate skirts and dresses, sarafans, cardigans with inserted pockets of various length.

New School uniform

For boys designers created options with shorts and knee socks instead of usual trousers, although these are also present. There are also vests, shirts, ties…Generally, designer created options of outfits for different weather conditions, so as to save parents from the boring morning question: “What to wear?”.

Girls School uniform

Now the time usually spent in front of the opened wardrobe can be spent on something more useful, for example on taking breakfast, in no hurry, on repeating the homework or on creating an accurate hairstyle, that usually takes more time.

School uniform

The color palette of school uniforms are actually not all gray shades. Designer advice pupil to look stylish and bright that is why they did not ignore such colors as red and yellow. The important is to understand that there is a huge difference between a short yellow dress and a tie of similar color in combination with a white shirt and shorts in dark tones.

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  • Wonderfully crafted as well as mixture in the dress which is very much authentic and effective in school arena. It does not seem unreasonable to suggest that above mentioned color combination as well as way out making the school dress better and smoother in all the way. Thanks for sharing the information to all which is an example for others who are eager to change the dress code for better prospective. Thanks for sharing the information to all.