Nail Designs and Ideas 2018

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The New Year brings with it new trends, and this applies not only to clothing, hairstyles or makeup, but also to manicure. What nail shape will be in fashion the next year? What nail polish color will be relevant? And what about the nail design? We have carefully studied the trends in 2018 and chose the most cool manicure ideas for you, which you deserve to try right now!

Nail designs 2018

Nail trends 2018

All kinds of nail geometry, marble with glitter, large crystals – this is the most fashionable manicure of 2018! And also artistic painting, “foil” and, of course, 3D “cat eyes” – in 2018 it is on the top of the list of manicure trends. Incendiary, isn’t it?

Nail 2018 trends

Oval shaped nails 2018


Nail designs



Nails 2018 best designs

White manicure with stones





The geometric nail design will continue to be relevant in 2018. And this is not surprising because the trend of minimalism remains dominant – we are tired of the glamor of the 90’s and the glamour of the year 2000. However, if you do not like to always have a perfect manicure, you can choose the lighter shades.

Simple nail ideas 2018


Nail ideas 2018 with lines



Gel nail polish manicure


If you adore the eternal ombre technique, then it’s time to apply it on your nails. Ombre manicure will be extremely demanded in 2018, it is important to combine the shades correctly and then it will definitely become one of your favorites.

Ombre nails 2018


Coffin nails

nude color ombre

marble ombre

Nude nail ideas 2018


Finally, the glitter is fashionable! We do not know about you, but we’ve been waiting for this moment to make a fashionable manicure using glitter. Glitter can be worn on all fingers, as well as on a nail or two. You can add glitter to the base or nail tip.

glitter nails 2018

Glitter gel manicure

glitter and stones




short with glitter

Matte Nails

Matte nails will always be on top. The design of the nail looks great cared for and does not irritate the eye. In addition, it can be nicely combined with a glossy manicure and glitter.

Nail ideas 2018 matte

blue matte

Matte coffin nails



squared French

Nail colors 2018

Red, nude, black: This trio of nail polish is inseparable, and if you do not have one, in 2018 the situation will need to be fixed.

Nail design in light shades

Creamy white, powdery pink, light gray, almost orange or white manicure – choose the color of the nail polish that suits your mood or the weather outside. A light shade nail polish is perfect for any style of clothing, any nail length and any occasion.

What nail color to wear in 2018

white color



Nude gel nails pictures


Almond nail designs


Black Nail Designs

You can create a classic black manicure by applying a black nail polish to all your nails, or you can try to draw different images: on black nails, contrasting glitter will look very special. Also, a black manicure combines perfectly with silver and gold stripes, so current this season.

Black nails 2018

Short nails 2018 black matte




Red Nail Designs

This is a classic manicure, which in 2018 certainly will not lose its popularity. In autumn and winter add to your collection the shades of cherry, wine or claret, and closer to spring, return to purple or claret. However, no one will forbid you to do exactly the opposite.

Cute red nails 2018

Red gel nail designs


What nails to wear in 2018

Evening nail designs 2018

Red coffin nails


The blue manicure will be very relevant again in the coming season. We owe this to the Pantone Institute, which placed the blue shade in the top ten colors of the next season. A saturated blue hue is what you need in 2018.

Blue glitter nails 2018

blue stiletto gel nails

long blue

short blue

almost shaped nails

Green Shade

Manicure in all green shades continues to be one of the main trends in nail art. This season, opt for the green cat eye manicure and matte manicure in green shades.

Matte green nails 2018

Cat eye nail design 2018

green stripes


Long nail trends 2018

Multicolored Nails

When you combine different colors, always remember the spectral approach of colors (a simple rainbow will help in doing so). Close colors in the color spectrum look good in the manicure.

Nails 2018 different colors


Summer nail ideas 2018


almond in different colors



Nail gel designs in different colors

Short Nails Ideas 2018

In spite of the fact that in 2018 the fashion of long nails becomes more intense, short and square nails are unlikely to yield leadership positions. When creating a nail polish manicure, let the imagination do its job and try to create drawings on your nails, initially not so perfect. Then switch to more complicated shapes, strips and more artistic drawings. When you’ve managed to get through this stage, try to mix more colors and create an impressive painting on your nails. Something wonderful will just come out!

Short nails 2018


gel short nails design



Beautiful white short nails 2018


Long Nails

One of the main news of the latest fashion week is the return of long nails. Which, however, was inevitable: Short “soft square” nails have been a favorite for too long. Now the situation has changed and the extremely long nails can be seen today not only at Rihanna. Of course, for an active lifestyle, long nails do not fit, instead for a party, they are wonderful.

 What manicure design to wear in 2018


Fashion long nails 2018

Stiletto nails


stiletto long nails




French Manicure

In 2018, the classic French manicure will remain popular as a classic immortal. However, the regular technique already had time to bore us, so it was slightly changed. For the next year, we have several French manicure models. This way, you can create French manicure on your ring finger or even in the black shade!

French manicure 2018



French nails 2018


Half-moon Manicure 2018

In 2018, half moon manicure continues to amaze your imagination. The more interesting and complicated this will be, the better! Apply a layer or two of the desired nail polish on the moon over their entire surface. Apply the special stickers in the desired area and apply the nail to the contour. You can use any shade you want, it’s important that the result is the one you want.

Nail ideas 2018 half-moon


Pink half-moon nails

What nail polish to wear in 2018

Simple half-moon nail ideas



Do not be afraid to experience. This year will bring in our lives a lot of bold colors in the shape of an extravagant manicure.