Makeup bag for every occasion: most necessary make up products

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Makeup bag with products

Selection of products – clothing or cosmetics – is now so great that we are increasingly facing the desire to choose the most appropriate means, in order not to buy everything, not knowing how to further apply them. That’s why there’s so much talk about basic wardrobe and base make up. What should be in the universal set of cosmetics? Nothing superfluous, only the most necessary products.

Face foundation and pore tightener gel

Perfect skin is the success of any makeup. Moreover, if you have no time to make a complete make up, it is enough to just even out the skin tone and you’re going to look at 100%. Therefore, the most important tool in your makeup bags is the face foundation. In addition to the concealer, we suggest choosing a special gel which is applied as a base under face foundation: it must be able to narrow the pores and also absorb the sebum, thereby the face foundation will lay smooth and stay on the face all day long.

Matting napkins

These are life savers for every woman.  These can be used instead of powder as usually they contain a small layer of matting product. With sponging movements you can remove the greasy shine that appeared during the day, first of all from the T-zone.

Makeup products


Loose powder is a home remedy only because it is very inconvenient to carry it with you, it can be scattered, and in the makeup will be a extra mess. It is better to apply it with a large powder brush so as it lay in a flat and thin layer. While a compact powder can be taken with you and and with its help correct the makeup for the day, alternating it with matting napkins.

Corrector or concealer

Do not try to apply the face foundation repeatedly, in several layers – it will still be very evident and all the irregularities of the skin will become apparent. In order to mask minor imperfections, use a concealer. Better to buy it immediately in the form of a pencil, so you can take it with you and correct the makeup before a date after a working day.

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Use a highlighter to make the skin glow. You can put it on the cheekbones, on the “tick” of the upper lip, under the eyebrows, on the “back” of the nose. The highlighter must not be very bright, and it should not stand out clearly on the skin, but only give a glow and a fresh look.

Lip stain

The lip stain will help save space in your makeup bag and is convenient to use as well as a blush and eye shadow. In the package it will look dark burgundy, but when applied in a thin layer it can acquire a delicate pink shade.


A win-win in every situation will an eyeshadow palette with beige shades (from light beige to dark brown). With its help you can make a beautiful day makeup and more vibrant evening makeup. Also, a big plus of beige eyeshadows is that they fit almost any type of appearance.

Make Up products


Of course, in order to give expression to the eyes you should use the mascara. Mascara is probably one of the most famous makeup product. There are so many types of it that problems with the selection of the correct one, no one has. What manufacturers write on packages is true generally. Choose a lengthening mascara or mascara that adds volume, in accordance with your wishes.

Eyebrow gel and pencil

When doing eye makeup, do not forget about eyebrows. You can create the shape of your eyebrows by yourself with the help of tweezers or at a beauty salon at the beautician. But to preserve the shape of eyebrows and make them visually thicker allows a special gel for eyebrows. Such gels can be colorless or with pigment. We advise you to choose colorless gels in order to inadvertently make eyebrows brighter than necessary. But to give them an additional color is better to use an eyebrow pencil – you can adjust the coverage area and the intensity of color.

! To replace the eyebrow gel in situations when this is unavailable will help the hairspray: apply a small quantity of hairspray on your finger and distribute it on eyebrows with a rounded brush. The hairspray will play all functions, just do not overuse it.

Lip balm

Don’t forget about lip care especially in the autumn season. No lipstick, despite the brand and price it might have, will look well on dry lips. Apply the balm not only in the morning but also during the day. To soften the lips will also help a simple face cream but in this case, you should apply it only in the evening as during the day it will slither on the lips.

Bright lipsticks

Choose a lipstick whatever color and taste you have. The important thing (according to all last trends) is that it has to be bright, intense and matte. Don’t be afraid to wear a bright lipstick even in the office, this has long ceased to be a sign of bad mood. Of course it is best to apply it for an evening makeup. Don’t forget that bright lipsticks require a special attention. If you want them to look advantageous, you should take care of the teeth whiteness – this can be achieved by using a whitening toothpaste.

We enlisted only the main decorative cosmetic products that can be useful for you. This set will allow you to create not only a day but also an evening makeup. Remember that some products can have a double and sometimes, a triple use that will save not only your money but also the place in your makeup bag.