How to create wet hair effect

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You basically wouldn’t need water to create the wet hair effect, so don’t be afraid, you will not have to walk with undried hair. Read our instruction that will help you create one of the most trendy hairstyling and also find out who can’t afford it. 

Hairstyle from John Galliano show

Wet hair

This hairstyle ideally will complement both a daily as well as an evening outfit. For the first outfit, you will need only a smoothening serum. For a festive event, it’s better to use products with a thicker texture.

You can smooth and comb back the wet hair only if these are clean. That is why don’t be lazy and wash your hair right before the hairstyle.

Hairstyle from Elie Saab show

Wet hair effect

Curiously enough, but you must not do such a hairstyle on wet hair. These must be first completely dried, leaving wet only the ends.

This hairstyle is not for you if you have very thin or short hair.

If you are the owner of curly hair, straighten them carefully and then begin the hairstyling.

How to do that?

-Apply on the whole hair length (slightly wet or dried ) a big quantity of indelible conditioner – this way you will avoid hair puffiness.

-Comb back the hair, take some drops of smoothening serum or gel and apply it from roots towards ends.

-In the end, spray the hair with water from the spray bottle to achieve the so called dramatic effect.