Hairstyles at London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2015

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Hairstyles London

The present review contains trendy hairstyles and makeup directly from the London catwalk, where were presented Spring-Summer 2015 collections.

Makeup and hair are a matter of taste and each is likely to rely primarily on personal preferences and particularities of appearance, and only then seeks to keep up with fashion trends. Although a true fashionista is simply obliged to know what is relevant in this season. Nobody forces to adopt trends from the catwalks because every trend can be adapted in accordance with own preferences.

Hairstyles 2015


As we all know, a lot of time is usually spent when creating a hairstyle. You want to gather the hair stylish and at the same time to not overdo with creativity.

This summer, designers advice to pay attention to the following trends:

  • Wet look at the roots of the hair;
  • Disheveled;
  • Voluminous babbetes;
  • Beachy waves;
  • Hair covering the ears

A special attention must be paid to the first point, as this is something new for us. Stylists recommend applying special products for hair styling and for creating the wet effect, only at the roots. The ponytails must remain light and dry. Such beauty image can be combined with an office outfit or an understated look for a walk.

Hairstyles Spring

The flat iron must have been forgotten long time ago as it does not only damage the hair structure but also makes look you unstylish. Soft waves, accurate disheveled and volume at the roots – this is the trend of Spring-Summer 2015 season.

Hairstyles Summer

If you plan to attend a party and the outfit requires an adequate hairstyle, pay attention to babbetes. This is the most appropriate way to “open” the face and to create an understated ad at the same time festive look.

Hairstyles Tom Ford

No one is forcing you to give up on braids or pony tails. The only amendment to such hairstyles are the closed ears.

Hairstyles Fashion Week

Accessories for Spring-Summer 2015 hairstyles

Since we are talking about the warm time of year, it is impossible not to pay attention to the accessories of the hairstyles. Now there is no need to wear a hat or a hood, which means that the head is free for all kinds of jewelry, headbands, flowers and pins with stones.

Hairstyles Accessories

Designers advice to use in the spring-summer 2015 season very modest additions to hairstyles – bobby pins, ribbons, headbands of flowers. The last option, by the way, is very predictable, as collections of designers are full of dresses with floral decor.