Gray hair – a beauty trend in 2015?

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Gray hair

The hairstyle is the possibility to look not only stylish, but also young. Properly selected haircut color and shape is the secret of success of many famous ladies. But what to do when gray hair attaks and regrown roots do not make our image look better?

Do we have to dye the gray hair?

According to statistics, provided by a well-known brand like L’Oreal, most of graying women prefer to not dye their hair. Ladies finally resigned to the fact that the gray hair – it’s not a disadvantage, but a quite trendy shade. And indeed, who said that it is necessary to dye the gray hair? You can take it as an advantage, taking the example of men who are associated with wisdom if having gray hair.

Gray hair 2015

By the way, the gray hair does not have to be natural. Many young representatives of the fair sex choose a hair dye able to create the gray hair effect. Moreover, the more natural it will result, the more fashionable the lady will look.

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Hairstyles for gray hair

So, you’ve decided not to torment with permanent hair coloring and with dignity accept the gray hair, then it’s time to take care of the hairstyle. Gray hair requires a special care and styling.

1st trend – short gray hair

The hairs that have lost its pigment become more unruly, so it is much better to cut the length and make a creative short hairstyle. This way, the styling will not be time-consuming and the hair will look a lot more well-groomed.

Short grayhair

2nd trend – bob

Classical symmetrical bob is almost a win-win option for graying ladies. The truth is in this case, such styling will be a little longer, but by using the right cosmetics, all can be brought to automatism.

Gray hair bob

3rd trend – gray waves

If you are not yet ready to say goodbye to your braids, then the medium-length hair can be styled in waves. This option is especially popular with painted gray, which owe their shade of hair to the fashion, not to the nature.

Gray waves 2015


If you decided not to dye the gray hair, remember two rules related to this style.

  • First of all, forget about braids and beams. These hairstyles can even make a stylish woman look as an ordinary old woman.
  • The second rule for gray – bright accents. Nude makeup now is not exactly your winning option. Buy a couple of bright lipsticks and please yourself and others with juicy shades of lips. Also, do not forget about eyelashes and wings. In general, classic makeup and gray hair are a perfect combination.

Gray hair

You still doubt that gray hair can look stylish? Then think of the famous beauties that, we can say, have set up this trend. Of course, we are talking about Meryl Streep, Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, Nicole Ritchie and others.