Most fashionable dresses for Fall-Winter 2014-2015 or 5 key elements of the season

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Fashionable dresses

There are a lot of styles of dresses. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, are good for a special type of figure and different age categories. How not to get lost in the maze of trends and choose the most stylish dress for Fall-Winter season? Perhaps first we should understand the trends and determine the details that distinguish one dress from another.

Today we will consider 5 most fashionable moments that will allow buying dresses without miscalculating and purchase really fashionable products.

Particularity #1. The length of most fashionable dresses for Fall-Winter 2014-2015

The fashion of mid and elongated form are again on the peak of popularity. Such articles are present in the collections of almost every fashion house. In order to get the desired effect, some decorate them with stripes, other combine different textures. The minimalism fashion must also be noticed. Dress with no other elements is very popular in this Fall season. These are moderately severe that is why you can wear them not only at the office but also when going to a romantic evening or a festive family dinner.

Dresses Fall

Particularity #2. Most fashionable color of dresses in Fall – Winter 2014-2015

The color palette of fashionable dresses is very diverse, although it should be noted the dominant deep shades: burgundy, navy blue, deep green, black and red. Wearing dresses in these colors you will look truly bohemian.

Dresses color

Particularity #3. Most fashionable material of dresses for Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Autumn dresses should be tight enough so that the women stay warm during the cold season. The leading positions among fabrics for autumn collections occupy cotton materials, knitwear, and tweed. Models of these materials are quite versatile and often serve for everyday access to the city or to work. Evening options of dresses collection for Fall-Winter 2014-2015 is often made ​​of silk, lace, chiffon. Popular is the combination of textures, for example, satin and lace. A separate place on fashion podium is occupied by trendy leather and fur dresses.

Dresses Winter

Particularity #4. Most fashionable collar of dresses for Fall-Winter 2014-2015

The top of the dress should be given due attention, because the hairstyle and makeup will depend on what bodice you will choose. In fashion are dresses with a deep neckline and cut-away shoulders.

Dresses 2014

Particularity #5. Most fashionable décor of dresses for Fall – Winter 2014-2015

When the event allows the appearance of something not quite ordinary, you should pay close attention to dresses with additional décor. In Fall 2014, designers recommend to select dresses with sequins and feathers. A décor with fur inserts will help you to not freeze at an evening event.

Dresses 2015

Going to the store, the first thing is to decide the length of the product, and then choose a color that matches your eyes and hair. Pick up the style of dress based on the specifics of figures, because whatever fashionable clothes are, these should hide imperfections and focus on the winning sides.

The basic requirements for fashionable dresses for Fall – Winter 2014-2015 are the comfort, durability and versatility. The dress should be practical and appropriate for various events, because not everybody can afford constant updating of festive outfits.