Fall 2014 as seen by the new Moschino director

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The Moschino brand was always different by its comic approach to fashion. Bright eccentric looks are the key elements that brought popularity to this Fashion house, and what it still continues to promote today.

The new creative director of the brand, Jeremy Scott, granted the desires of connoisseurs and fans of the brand with the new midseason collection for Fall 2014. Looks are bright and unusual, but at the same time very elegant and feminine. Any lady who will prefer this brand will definitely feel a surge of vitality and youth, because in such outfit it is impossible to sit still, you just want to move forward.

Moschino New

Details about the collection

First of all, it is saturated with mustard, black, and white colors. It could not go without bright accents, which are mainly lime and red colors. There’re also T-shirts with ironic slogans. While the print, reminding a Dalmatian dog or a cow from cartoons, will definitely cheer up everyone who will meet you that day.


As decorations, mainly were used metal chains, although it is impossible not to note the bold decision to put on a nightgown over everyday clothes.


Styles of jackets are made in the best traditions of the fashion house – classic cut, zipper and additions in the form of metal chains.


Another unusual solution represents the elongated bomber jacket and heeled sports ankle boots with high bootleg.


Shoes with animal prints and neat strap around the ankle are in harmony with elegant pantsuits, dresses and skirts.

Moschino Shoes

Classic style coats and elegant strapless evening dresses will appeal to those who are going to visit a cultural event and are not ready to disappear in a crowd.

Moschino Fall

We want to highlight the Moschino handbags for Fall 2014. The decision to sew them from the elements of the outerwear clearly makes the product extremely popular.


Moschino is a brand that occupies an important place in the list of most popular Fashion houses. They do not change theirself, but at the same time take into account the needs of society.

Do you want to look stylish? Wear only what you are comfortable in!