Fabrics and textures Spring 2014

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Today we will tell you about the fashion tricks designers used while creating fabrics for their own collections. Our article is dedicated to trendy textures, unusual fabrics and original decor, all these observed in a lot of collections for the spring-summer season. All photos in this article reflect the Ready-to-Wear collections for Spring-Summer 2014.

Decoration fabrics

A lot of fashion collections designers did not invent something new. They have only embellished their own collections with well chosen decorations.  The most popular methods were the applications and embroidery.

Unfinished seam

Classic brands hinted about a new trend in the world of decoration fabrics. Spring 2014 fashion leaves the clothes edges rough. Sticking thread and jagged edges in dresses attended Chanel, Lanvin, Chloe shows and many others.


Some fashion designers impressed the audience with an unusual fabric processing, resembling more paper. Corrugated fabric in shimmering shades and dresses decorated with multiple layers of fabric amused fashion experts and has raised questions about the feasibility of such a dress for ordinary consumers.

Strips of fabric

Outfits resembling paper lanterns were present in Chanel, Christian Dior, Lanvin collections. Long strips of cloth adorned dresses of models and created an unusual silhouette.

It’s amazing how different brands like Givenchy and Valentino created nearly identical dresses decorated with long strips of fabric. The similarity of shapes and an abundance of sequins in both dresses suggest the appearance of a new trend in fashion fabrics.

Fringe outfits

The fringe was launched again on the podium as a sovereign owner not surrendering its positions for several consecutive seasons. Most designers who used fringe in creating their collections beat the ethnic themes, presenting outfits reminding us of African tribal dresses.

In the new season designers’ advice us to choose one of the two options: long fringe, reminding the fur of longhaired animals and shorn fringe. The second option looks pretty nice, even on sensual summer dresses.

The texture of fabric

Our cool hunters decided that it would be too boring to look at the usual kinds of fabric. That’s why we offer you to see what the designer tried to surprise the audience with, replacing the traditional silk, velvet and unusual batiste with fabric materials.


Tight weaves, creating a kind of frame is important in creating some collections. Especially playfully looks this method of weaving on leather things and metallic materials.

Fashion fabrics for Spring 2014

Despite the wide variety of fabrics and incredible amounts of collections viewed during the creation of this material, we can clearly identify some of the most popular options.


In the new season of fashion, showering metalized fabrics are the most flexible and soft to touch. Texture resembling foil or cellophane is not actual anymore.


No matter what would be the fashion of fabrics, there’s always a place for lacy patterns. Translucent chiffon, decorated with embroidered lace and denser lace adorned models at Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, Blumarine and many other shows.

As always the lace fabric was a prerogative for Italian designers.



Another interesting trend is fabrics made of separate fragments, placed on a semitransparent base. The material “pieces” were very different: starting with chiffon and silk and ending with artificial fur and leather.




There is always a place for celebrations in our life. No matter what fashion critics say, couturiers continue to expand their collections with an abundance of outfits with sequins. In the new season we must remark the big sizes and irregular shapes. Square, rectangular and oval sequins are the hit of spring 2014 season.




Mesh material is extremely popular in the new season. That successfully announced by Roland Mouret, Gucci, Milly Louis Vuitton.




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