Dresses for Spring-Summer 2014

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Summer is another chance to be fragile and attractive. There are a lot of reasons to love this season. Some of you just enjoy this perfect time to walk under the moonlight, others adore it for its vivid colors, but let’s agree Dear ladies, most of you just can’t wait for this season to come in order to wear feminine dresses inconditionally.

In Spring-Summer 2014 season designers offered a wide range of various models of dresses. On the catwalks could be noted long and short models, black and white, with or without lace. So, which one shall we choose? Let’s find out.

Dress in the style of 60’s

Short A-shaped and straight silhouette dresses suit the taste of modern fashionistas that is the reason we see them on the podium for the last seasons and this season is not an exception.

Wrap dresses

The first category of dresses we want to discuss is the complex wrap model. Such dress will emphasize the shape of the breasts and create an intrigue along the neckline.

Shirt dresses

Combined models didn’t come by in the 2014 shows. Shirt dresses are a hit of the season. On the one hand it aspires to the strict office style the other successfully fits into the club party atmosphere. The stand-up collar and exaggerated shoulders are the main characteristics of these models.

T-shirt dresses

Another fashion trend is the combination of dresses and T-shirts. This is convenient option for everyday clothing that will save us in a stylish mode from the sultriest heat. If you choose the T-shirts dress model adorned with sequins, rhinestones, or stripe, you can go to meet friends, to a birthday party or a just family holiday.

Dresses without shoulder straps

Bared shoulders look sexy. Perhaps this was the reason that forced designers to present so many dresses without shoulder straps. Such models would be advantageous for girls with any body shapes and stature.

Sack dresses

Sack dresses were created not to hide the beautiful female figure from prying eyes. They primarily help escape the heat. The lightweight fabrics of which are mainly created these models, are smoothly flowing through the body, creating a feeling of comfort.

Tight dresses

The magic power of the little black dress experienced any woman, and not only once in their life. The tight dress makes the body look charming and the revealing length of the skirt will visually lengthen the legs. But in summer you can slightly get away from tradition and replace the black color with juicy shades of the color palette.

Materials of dresses

In a dress is not important only the design of it. A special consideration must be given to the material of which the model is made. The fabric should emphasize designer’s ideas and not create troubles. In the Spring-Summer 2014 season materials of dresses are considered relevant the following: leather, lace, jersey. Fashionable light materials include silk, chiffon, satin, linen, cotton.

Color of dresses

The leaders of the color palette are pastel shades and it’s not surprising. Bright shades in the summer heat don’t attract the sun’s rays and on the background of this garment the tan looks very well. However, bright and classic colors are also relevant in Spring and Summer.

Multi layered dresses

Fashion designers are not looking for easy ways. Increasingly, they are trying to combine incongruous to achieve an interesting result. So the collection of dresses for Spring-Summer 2014 flashed leather models combined with knitwear, silk and chiffon finally managed to be friends and lace became the best friend of almost all materials.



Prints are capable to transform the usual dress into a masterpiece. In fashion are strips and geometric shapes of different size. Vegetal and animal prints in no hurry want to leave the catwalks and fashion 3D images, literally rushed to us. Three-dimensional club outfits make their party owners – queens. Selecting a transparent dress you will be one step ahead of those who haven’t dared to wear such outfit.



Length of dresses

In the Spring-Summer 2014 season dresses can be of very different lengths. You can make a start as to personal preference, and taking into consideration the disadvantages that you would like to hide with the help of a well-chosen dress. In fashion is everything from frank mini dresses to the floor length dresses. Of course, the palm rests with the universal length (just above the knee), which will look fittingly in any situation.


Dresses Summer

Fashion is a capricious young lady and often changes its preferences. If you do not live in one of the world’s fashion capitals, where an abundance of the latest creations of famous fashion houses are present, will be quite difficult to keep up with it. Yes, no one is forcing you to fully update your wardrobe each season. It is enough that at least one part of the outfit to correspond with seasonal trends. Experiment and develop – spring and summer are ideally for this.