Dresses for Fall-Winter 2014-2015

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A woman wardrobe can’t be without a dress. This item of clothing is preferred by ladies of all ages. A beautiful dress is that thing that is capable to adorn a simple evening, to raise your mood in the saddest rainy days and also make you the queen of a party.

Autumn-winter 2014-2015 promises to be bright and saturated because the styles of dresses presented on the catwalks of the world are very diverse. The main requirement for the dress is that the model must match exactly your figure. If you are uncomfortable in the selected clothes, then no matter how fashionable your dress is, put it aside and wear clothes that are in harmony with your inner world, because as we know, nothing makes the man better than a smile and sparkling eyes.


Midi dresses

The most fashionable length of dresses in Fall-Winter 2014-2015 is up to the knees and ankles. Such products only at first glance seem to be boring and strict, in fact, designers adorned them not only with all sorts of cuts, but also with a deep neckline.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are still in trend. These products are suitable for a hike to the restaurant, for a wedding or a birthday. Silk, chiffon and cotton are leaders of this season in the world of long style dresses.

Maxi dress

Maxi dress

Mini dresses

The fashion of mini dresses will live forever. Men love to watch slim and long legs, and designers do not want to deprive them of that pleasure.

Mini dress


Combination of fabrics – a hit of the season

The combination of materials of different densities becomes the favorite method of many fashion clothing designers. Most often they combine transparent and lacy fabrics with a tight knit or cotton. This dress looks very elegant and festive.

Dresses 2015

Translucent dresses

Dresses made ​​of transparent fabrics were repeatedly presented in various catwalks. Of course, not every representative of the fairer sex will dare to adapt such an outfit, but those who will dare, must be sure that all the attention will be focused only on them. Translucent dresses look elegant and sexy, regardless of length, and the decor in the form of stones, feathers, fur or sequins will add extravagance.


Lace dresses

Delicate lace dress ennobles any girl. This material is delicate and refined, which looks in any color scheme and length.

Lace dresses

Alessandra Rich

Leather dresses

The leather fashion smoothly migrates from season to season. In Fall 21014, dresses made of this material, are again at the peak of popularity.

Dresses Winter


Office style

Form-fitting and T-shaped office style dresses appeared in the collections of many designers who care about the fact that even in winter, women never ceased to be feminine and seductive. The classic pencil dress helps in any situation to look fashionable and stylish.

Office Dresses

Dresses 2014

Multilayered dresses

Dresses having interesting shapes will always help you stand out. The combination of fabrics of different lengths can be seen in the collections of Burberry Prorsum and Edeline Lee.

Multilayered dress

Cut-away shoulders – Hit of Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season

Dresses that bare the neck and the cleavage will be a hit of this fall. Cut-away shoulders look even more attractive than the mini dresses, and this fact pushed designer’s attention to the top of the dresses. Someone combines open tops with maxi skirts, someone with medium-length articles.

Fall-Winter dress

Fall-Winter dress


Deep V-shaped cleavage is another trend of the coming autumn season.

Deep V-shape



In the coming Fall-Autumn season is relevant not only to decorate dresses with various stripes, but also to complement the image with a belt. The width of the belt may be different, in principle, like the color, the main thing is that it emphasized the waist and looked harmoniously with the outfit as a whole.



One of the most fashionable decoration elements in the Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season will be feathers.



The fur is a trendy material of the last and actual season. These decorate collars, sleeves and laps of the dress.

Blumarine Fur

The most fashionable color of dresses in Fall-Winter 2014-2015

In this cold period, we should focus on dark and deep shades. Black, red, blue, burgundy and green are at the peak of popularity. Also, in the new collections you will find a lot of gold and silver shades, floral and geometric prints. The pastel palette will help those who are used to remain in the bright clothes at any time of the year.


Dresses color

Dresses color

The dresses fashion from year to year continues to grow and expand. Designers concentrate all their efforts for the creation of universal and unique models. They just have to take into account the necessities, lifestyle and weather conditions that have a huge role in the life of a modern woman.

Choose a dress that fits you in all respects and do not neglect it for the whole season. Ideally would be to once more fill up your wardrobe with fashionable items and the title of a “great lady” or “an icon style” will definitely be assigned to you because a woman wearing a dress can’t pass buy without being noticed and admired.