Color mascara – the most bright options

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In mid-summer, a revel of colors should be in full swing. Colored hair, colored eyeliner and lipstick in incredible colors – what’s next? Next is the trendy mascara.

A little history

Actually, our time is not all that innovative. Mascara was invented in the 60’s. The next color explosion” occurred in the 90’s and affected not only makeup – it’s enough to just remember the fashion trends of that time. Today, it is easy enough to explain the comeback of the trend – 90’s are at the peak of popularity, and with them, the whole decor. What luck that makeup artists have shown wisdom and reconsidered some things without applying them literally, but making them more refined. That is at the moment, the color mascara is not a way to express yourself on a rave party (although, why not), but rather a desire to diversify the daily makeup. And by the way, by color mascara in this case we do not mean brown or dark blue mascara, traditionally presented along with the black mascara. We are talking about really unusual shades like green, yellow, purple or electric blue.

Color mascara

If you think that the color mascara is incompatible with everyday makeup, then you should reconsider that. First, an extraordinary set of soothing shades ranging from deep blue and finishing with burgundy, will look a little brighter than the black, but quite original. Secondly, really bright shades like yellow or pink, can be elevated and make them quite appropriate for an every day makeup.

Usage instructions

So how to integrate a newfashioned trend in daily life? Here expert opinions are divided. First state that eyeshadows should not match the tone of the mascara because it looks really bad. However, they don’t say what’s wrong. Others, do not see anything wrong in the monochrome makeup. On the contrary, they recommend to look at matte eyeshadows having the same color as the mascara. It should be noted that in this case, the eyeshadows should be applied in a light layer, simulating the smoke– only then the result will be worthy. And finally, the third, believe that color mascara is in itself a bright accent in the image and additional colors on the face are useless. It’s hard not to agree with that. In this case, you need to choose on the basis of your own appearance and situation.

Color mascara

Don’t forget about the color of your eyes. This is probably the most important moment. In this respect, blue mascara is the most universal. It will be good for all, despite the color of the eyes. Moreover, it will help hide the traces of sleepless nights. Purple and green are practically like the blue mascara. It’s worth adding that the purple color is more appropriate for red haired beauties. However, the light green and green for example, must be applied in several layers, so as to intensify them otherwise these will look invisible. This same advice should be followed for red or pink mascara so as to avoid a sick and tired appearance.

3 rules for a makeup with color mascara

1. Before applying color mascara, makeup artists recommend to use a eyelash curler the mascara will look spectacular.

2. Also, you can use a clear gel that prevents bonding the lashes.

3. Dark shades of color mascara can be applied over the entire length of eyelashes, but if you decided to take a chance and try a catchy neon shade, it would be better to use a mascara only on the tips of the lashes. First apply a layer of black mascara, and then – on the ends a little color.

Color mascara

Even if after all our advices you are still doubting whether to try the color mascara or not, then we hope that the examples of celebrities will help you look at the summer trend in a different way. Natalie Portman perhaps is one of the greatest lovers of blue mascara – her makeup is rarely completed without this color. The image looks elegant and this shade of mascara makes actress’s brown eyes look more expressive. Rihanna never misses an opportunity to diversify the makeup. The singer already has a bright appearance, but she still uses various shades of green. It may seem that this is too much, but it turns out the other way around, as in the expression – store is no sore.” The green mascara perfectly shades the swarthy skin tone and adds brightness. Diane Kruger is more conservative and prefer brown mascara. However, this color is one of the most appropriate for blondes.