Clothes for children and their parents 2014

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Clothes children

Today the question of “what to dress my baby in” interests young parents even more than their own wardrobe. The desire to give their children all the best is justified, because there is no man in the world dearer than the own kid.

Designers understand parents’ wishes and are working to improve models of children’s clothing. And if earlier children’s clothing was without any frills, today this is almost a copy of the adult attire. Shorts and jackets have pockets, straps, pleats and buttons that give them a completely different look. But the most stylish acquisition for children is considered the clothing identical to parent’s clothing. These similar outfits are mostly used nowadays on various events. Agree, it is great when a family have similar clothes. It’s difficult to not smile at this view! But where to find such sets?

Children parents

It seems that Mango brand has solved this problem by proposing a Lookbook of spring-summer paired outfits for children and parents. The presented kid’s collection repeats the adult show in the current season.

Clothes boy

Components of the collection: dresses, t-shirts, jeans, shirts, jackets, blouses, bermuda-shorts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.

Fabrics and textures

When selecting the materials, designers repelled by the children’s needs. The skin o the child requires a special care, all fibers should be natural, processed with hypoallergenic dyes. Therefore, designers mostly chose denim and cotton.


The colors gamma of the collection is mainly dominated by khaki, blue, white and pink colors. It could not go without bright prints like Hawaiian flowers, stripes and images of Disney heroes.

Mango Mango Mango Mango Mango Mango Mango MangoThink of you as a child – we all wanted to dive into mother’s shoes, or try father’s tie. Of course it looked funny, but the kid can not appear like that in public as all will laugh at him. Dressing children in an outfit you are wearing, you will not only teach them a sense of style from an early age, but also become the most fashionable family at a party, in a cafe, in the park or when going to see a movie.