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One of the most feminine details of wardrobe, the women blouse, will become the most important discussion theme of our today’s photo review. We offer to your attention a review with the most actual trends in the world of blouse fashion for Spring-Summer 2014 season. We analyzed hundreds of spring-summer collections for this season and created a complete photo review by grouping the most successful photos of fashionable blouses based on the most actual trends of this year.


The most popular methods of decorating women blouses are the sewn-on pockets, top drapery and contrasting stand-up collar. We will thorough analyze every details based on Pret-a-Porter 2014 Spring-Summer collections.

Sewn-on pockets

Blouses with sewn-on pockets were noted in the collections of Alberta Ferretti, Emanuel Ungaro, Diane von Furstenberg. The rectangular silhouette and accented shoulder line give the outfit clarity and freshness.

Contrasting collar

Like the last year, collars in contrasting colors are popular again among fashion designers from Europe and USA. The most perfect works were sent at Faugusto Piglisi and Honor.

Blouses with top drapery

Quite a large number of fashion brands released collections of blouses with top drapery. As decoration were used drapery fabric, appliqué and decorative stitches.

Sleeve styles

In the new season, out of fashion is the close-fitting set-in sleeve. Leaders are wide flared sleeves and also “lantern” style sleeve.

Lantern sleeve blouses

A romantic view of the outfit can be achieved by using a blouse with lantern sleeves. Similar silhouette emphasize the grace and tenderness of the female body and will be perfect for office activities. Examples of such blouses can be articles from Oscar de la Renta and Carolіna Herrera.

One-Piece-Sleeve Blouse

A blouse with one-piece sleeve will help confer proportionality to each body shape. In the new season, such models have been seen in the collections of Balmain, Costello Tagliapietra and many others.

Wide sleeves

Shortened and wide sleeve is a trend for many last collections of women clothing. With the warm coming season, this trend, taken from the trend of Spring 2014 coats, was also noted in the area of women blouses.

Types of blouses for 2014 season

Among the most popular types of blouses we can mention wrap blouses, office option of apache blouses, as well as classic blouses.

Wrap blouses

The loose cut and flowing lines of wrap blouses will be appreciated by owners of magnificent forms.



An ideal option for a whole day spent in the office.


Blouse fabrics

Among the fabrics were noted perforated textures, lace, chiffon, leather and its substituent. Quite a few silk blouses were noted.



Lace blouse Spring-Summer 2014


Leather Blouses


Chiffon blouses Spring 2014

Soft, semi-transparent blouses made of chiffon were noted in unusual shapes and difficult cuts. In this blouse, each lady will feel very feminine and attractive.


Fashionable colors of blouses for Spring 2014

Blouses with floral print

The floral print in clothing, including in blouses, is the most popular pattern on the fabric of the spring-summer collections of women’s clothing.


Black semitransparent blouses 2014

The evening fashion dictates its own trends, but from one season to another, in fashion remain black color blouses made of semitransparent materials.


These are the most fashionable blouses for 2014 amongst the Spring-Summer collections. Did you like our photo review? Please write us about your impressions, we would be more than happy to hear them.

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