Blazers Spring 2014

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What to wear when the sun shines but the air temperature is not high enough to walk down the street without outerwear? The answer is simple, a blazer! This thing can be considered truly universal, because thanks to the imagination of designers, blazers model have become so sophisticated that basically everyone can choose for themselves the perfect model. But let’s see what a blazer is and why it should not be confused with a jacket.

Women borrowed the jacket from men in the thirties of the last century. They decided to add this element to the trousers, previously added in their wardrobe. Since then, jackets have undergone significant changes. The length of women’s jackets has no clear limits, they have body conscience silhouette and a lot of decoration elements. In other words, the blazer is modified men’s jacket.

And now let’s see how well well-known designers modified blazers in Spring 2014 season.

Casual fit blazers

In the Spring-Summer 2014 season, fashion designer advice to give preference to casual fit blazers. Such models are suitable for ladies accustomed to freedom because nothing binds movements and restricts opportunities. If you still want to emphasize the waist, use a belt and you will look amazing.

Casual Blazers

Casual Blazers2

Casual Blazers3

Military style blazers

Military style remains at the height of popularity for the second season and there is a logical explanation for that. Masculine fit clothing look very sexy on a woman’s body. Women love to be so fragile and delicate that the military style will precisely emphasize her small shoulders and narrow waist. Distinctive features of these products are broad shoulders, large buttons and sometimes even shoulder straps. It does not matter if together with the military-blazer you will wear regular jeans or trendy mini skirt; it will look harmoniously with any clothing.

This style of blazers must be chosen from leather or rain wear fabric. These materials perfectly keep fit and are very practical. Military style can not exist apart from its native color palette, so this product is mostly of gray, black or khaki colors.

Blazers 2014

Zipped blazers

It is time to replace the boring buttons of blazers with something more fashionable. In trend are blazers with zips or without fasteners. These products are mainly short style and very similar in appearance to the jacket. But still, a jacket is a more stylish item of wardrobe that gives a drop of refinement to a young lady.

Zipped blazers


Bombers went through the equipment of American pilots to the world podium. Today it has become an integral part of the wardrobe of a true fashionista. It is a versatile outerwear, suitable for daily use.

Blazers spring

Slim fit blazers

Slim fit blazers are must be placed on the fashion pedestal. This can be a perfect combination with classic trousers in different length and skirts above the knee.



A shortened version of the blazer (bolero) will be a good option for an evening dress or a short skirt. This type of outwear is considered to be very practice because bolero can be executed of different fabrics, from thick to thin, almost transparent.


One button blazers

This variation of closing will be liked by those who do not want to hide the sweater or T-shirt worn under a jacket from the public, but at the same time feels uncomfortable in clothes without closings.



Blazer dresses

The improvement of blazer’s models came to a level where designers decided to combine the dress and the jacket. This model is characterized by clear lines and exaggerated shoulders.


The colors of blazers

The color palette of Spring 2014 is vivid and juicy. Designers advice to wear articles with various ornaments, in stripes or checks. We should not forget about polka dots and floral prints. The main color of this season is blue, the leader of marine theme fashion.

Blazers color

Blazers color

Blazers color

Materials of blazers

Basically every fabric can be used for the creation of a blazer. Spring-Summer 2014 season presents blazers made of costume cloth and rain wear fabrics, knitwear, jeans, wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, linen, chiffon, satin, lace, and even mesh.

A light blazer will be a good companion in a warm weather, will take away the wind and will adorn the outfit making it look stylish and multilayered. Wear blazers in various cuts and colors as this is such a stylish element of the wardrobe.