Fashionable black dresses Fall-Winter 2014-2015

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If you do not know what to wear, make a choice in favor of a black dress and you will not lose. The little black dress has long been an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is fashionable in any season, the main thing is to take into account the features of the model, choose the appropriate shoes, make a bright or nude make up, and have stylish accessories that will complement the look. However, in recent years, designers have been paying a special attention to the decoration of black dresses, that is why, such dresses often do not need any additional accessories.

Black dresses

Black dresses have become true works of art, because on their creation designers have spent considerable energy resources. They played with the texture of fabric, cut, length and decor. Trendsetters presented a set of models that depart from the standards and claim to sophistication. And to make sure of that, we offer to get to know what are the fashionable black dresses in Fall-Winter 2014-2015.


The most trendy length of the black dress, Fall-Winter 2014-2015

The floor-length and mini dress is still relevant, but most fashionable will become models of medium length dresses, which barely covers the knee or down below with 1or 2 palms.



Many fashion designers agreed that a medium length dress is in a good match with oval and V-shape cut and a pleated skirt or a model with flounces.



Trendy neckline of black dresses

A black dress with a deep neckline is the favorite piece in Fall-Winter 2014-2015 shows. Such models were presented in the collections of Blumarine, Calvin Klein, Erdem.

Trendy neckline

The combination of textures

Designers are not looking for easy ways that is why in their collections we can observe more often articles made of several types of tissues. Incredibly fashionable in the Fall-Winter season will be a combination of dense and transparent fabrics, as well as leather and fur inserts.



Long black dresses

A long black dress looks refined and bohemian. It can be made from knitted or classic jersey or it can combine several different fabrics. The styles of long dresses as well have undergone considerable modifications and were adorned with a hood (Adam Selman), flounces and cuts.

Long blackdresses

Black dresses – cut-away shoulders

Another trend for Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season are dresses with cut-away shoulders.


Owners of a long neck should pay a particular attention to the model of black dresses with an open top. This dress will look relevant at a party or a celebratory dinner.

Black dresses Fall

Black leather dresses

Leather fashion is still on top. Leather dresses can be of various styles and length, the important thing is that this model will match your body shape and will visually lengthen your silhouette.

Leather dresses

Leather dresses

Black dress-coat

Designers Céline and Bottega Veneta offered a winterized model of dresses, in which you can go to work in nice autumn day, leaving at home any additional outerwear.


Oversized black dresses

Those who love to create intrigue around their body shape or those who simply want to hide some drawbacks from prying eyes should pay attention to models of oversized black dresses. These products have a very loose cut and allow you to feel confident, no matter if your body is slim or not.

Oversized dress

Short black dresses

A little black dress is a classic of the genre, and there is nothing more to say. Almost every designer does not miss the opportunity to present at least one little black dress in their new collection.

Short dress

Black lace dresses

Those who want to be tender no matter what color they wear must stop their selection on a model of black lace dress. This material will make your look sophisticated and elegant, and the color, in this case, pales into insignificance.

Lace dress

Fur black dresses

We have repeatedly said that fur or decor made of this material will be at the peak of popularity in Fall 2014. A black fur dress looks beautiful, stylish and most importantly – it is warm.

Fur dress

Are you dazzled by the diversity of models? Then buy some black dresses because fashion will never go away. Whichever neckline, length or material would like to combine designers color will remain the most important part of this fashion chain.