Best Sweaters Fall-Winter 2017-2018

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A warm sweater will help you in this autumn and winter to feel comfortable regardless of outside time. In the new autumn-winter season 2017-2018, the favorite of the past year oversize sweater competes with classical body-fitting and unusual knitwear. Let’s see what patterns of sweaters urge us to wear fashion catwalk this cold season.

Sweaters 2018 women


Turtlenecks and fall are two undivided friends. The high collar sweater is the ideal option to be worn daily for a cold and rainy time. It can be used to create that multilayer effect: usually it is worn under the sundresses of mohair, but if you want to break the stereotypes, dress it over a shirt, breathing the sleeves to the elbow. This season, the most current colors are the shades of red, gray, white-yellow, black.

Sweaters fall 2017 winter 2018: turtleneck

What sweaters to wear in fall 2017

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Classic Designs

Fitted silhouettes, different types of knit, additional elements like polo collar or brand logo, Scandinavian traditional print, etc. are some of the classic sweaters designs for fall-winter 2017-2018. A classic sweater can be worn with any pattern of pants or skirt, it is important to have a harmony between the top and the bottom of the outfit. The trendy colors are blue, gray, beige and white.

Blue sweater

Classic sweaters fall winter 2017 2018

classic knitted


A white sweater or vest looks modern and stylish, a black one – traditional and refined. Knitted patterns look good in white, smooth textures – in black ones. Fashion is still the combination of white and black. Choose the design depending on your favorite style. Classical sweaters fit well on the body. The modern style is the fitted, but there are wider options.


White women sweater 2018

What sweater to wear in 2018



Long and short sweaters

A long sweater can also serve as a dress, and if worn with pants, then you will surely be the most modern and stylish. Fashionable and tall women will be at the height of happiness this season due to the appearance of asymmetric and monochromatic patterns, which can be worn with a right skirt and also can exceed the length of the skirt.

Long sweaters fall winter 2017 2018

Sweaters Trends 2018

Short sweaters patterns are very current in the cold season. These can be worn over a dress or with a pair of high waisted pants.

Short sweaters for women



The larger the sweater is, the more comfortable it is. You have not chosen the right size, no problem, your success is guaranteed. Wool and angora give volume, and the predominant range of colors are intense shades. Oversized sweaters have different shapes, they can be knitted in different techniques or they can have masculine elements. The large collar serves as a scarf.

Oversize women sweater 2017 2018 fall winter

Best winter sweater 2018

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Wide Sleeves

Equally demanded will be sweaters with wide sleeves. They can be with or without a cuff, long or short. Patterns can be worn as a single element and above thin blouses. Moreover, fashionable are sweaters with puff sleeves already seen on fashionable blouses and dresses.



Sweaters 2018 trends


The love of designers for birds and animals is reflected in various applications on cotton, wool and angora sweaters. Birds and puppies for stylish look, fox mutter, telephones and other objects can appear on teen sweaters. There are also glowing applications such as multicolored stones or floral motifs.

Sweaters for ladies 2018 with applications

What sweater to wear in winter 2018


Lurex Sweater

Lurex sweaters are another unexpected appearance on Fashion Olympus. Ideal ones are in shades of dark blue, gray-pearl, and of course, black. The brilliance will be even greater if they are matched with the right accessories, such as bags, jewelry, earrings, etc. In casual look, a sparkling sweater does not require any additional elements.



Stylish sweater with skirt

Original Combinations

The simplest sweater will become special if it is completed with a fur collar or lace in several layers. Looks that include various textures are complemented with furry epaulettes or a chrysanthemum-shaped brooch. The sweater and décor is chosen in the same tone as the chiffon skirt and dresses. The vest pullovers, sewn with small and large sequins, are worn over a thicker sweater or on the bare skin.



Asymmetric sweater fall winter 2017 2018

Sweater with prints fall winter 2018


In fall-winter 2017-2018 multicolored designs with zigzag images or stripes or even plaids will be very actual. We recommend you to choose those sweaters that will make you feel comfortable and will keep you warm even in the coldest days of the year.