8 make up tricks you haven’t heard before

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Make-up artists know all the secrets for a perfect look – those little tricks you can steal if you live in the beauty industry 24 hours from 24, seven days a week, as they do. Fortunately, many times they are as generous as they are talented and share their knowledges. Some of the best makeup artists shared the most interesting tricks. Read further to see what are these.

Make up tricks

1. Keep the sebum excess under control

Revlon Global Artistc Director, Gucci Westman, always has in her hands 2 blotting papers. But besides this, she has another less common method to get rid of the oily skin. Believe it or not, she said, I apply deodorant on my finger tips and tampon the T and under eye area, in order to get a matte skin.

2.  Try a colored eye pencil

Choosing a suitable eye pencil can create a larger and more expressive eye effect, says the makeup artist Tina Turnboe, who has worked with stars such as Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore. ,,Try to change black with gray, olive green or indigo, “she suggested. ,,Black can close and give the feeling of smaller eyes because dark colors shrink. Some colors, even brown, can be softer. ”

3. Mix the face foundation with a moisturizing cream or aloe

Add aloe in your face foundation. This will confer a more creamy consistency, said the make up artist Bertt Freedman, who helped women like Vanessa Hudgens or Leighton Meester to look fabulous. “Improve your face foundation by adding some aloe before applying it”, he explained . “Also, you can use aloe when the face is clean, and when you feel it does not has brightness, add a small amount of face foundation. You will be perfect for the summer days!”

4. Arrange your eyebrows with care, so as to evidence the eyes

Doug Howell, NARS makeup artist has a very easy trick to highlight the eyes. ,,Use an eye shadow to highlight the entire eyebrow, but pay a special attention to the central arch”, he said. Being the highest area, you will create a feeling of bigger eyes. “Try to use a special brush when applying the eyebrow eyeshadow. It would be good if it matches your hair color. The Artist recommends Nars single eye shadows in the following shades: Blondie for light hair, Bali for brown hair and Coconut dark hair.

5. Get the illusion of wet eyelashes

Nothing is more sexy than a pair of wet eyelashes, like when you come out from the pool, thinks Victor Cembellin, MAC Senior Artist.This is the secret for such look: Use Mac Brow Set in Clear for eyelashes and then add a layer of black mascara.

6. Lip gloss under control

The same product, Mac Brow Set Clear, can be used to keep much time possible the gloss on the lips, said Louise Zizzo Senior, Mac Senior artist. “If you will use the Mac Brow Set in Clear, then the lip gloss will stay on the lips”, she explained.

7. The road to a perfect manicure

When you work with stars like Joy Bryant or Sheryl Crow, you must pay a special attention to details like nails, like the way the make up artist Ricky Wilson do. ,,One thing I always did to the nails was to mix a bit of Dior SkinFlash Pen with Dior Creme Abricot to get rid of any unsightly appearance of cuticles “, he said. The nails will have a lovely shine, your hands will be ready, as I like to call them – ready for the red carpet.

8. Doe-eyed without mascara

You don’t need mascara to obtain some amazing eyes, reveals the celebrities make up artist, Mai Quynh, who have worked with actors like Emma Stone or Ashley Green. Use only an eye pencil. For a pair of full lashes, apply a water resistant eye pencil, in brown or black color on the upper eyelid, not above the eyelashes but between and under them. You will obtain the illusion of fuller and longer lashes.